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December 2021

March 2021


  • Training Equipment for Staff Learning and Development

    Simulation training, through the Staff Development department, provides Woodstock Hospital’s healthcare professionals opportunities to apply theory, gain experience, and practice skills and procedures without risking patient care. Simulation training allows staff to hone their skills in a safe, controlled environment that is conducive to learning, allowing them to build their confidence and competence to handle real-life situations, such as managing emergencies or resuscitation.

    Last year, the Woodstock Hospital Foundation’s annual Charity Golf Tournament raised an outstanding $60,000 to enhance the simulation training available at the hospital. Thanks to this support, the Staff Development department can now offer staff at Woodstock Hospital an innovative and incomparable simulation training experience using cutting-edge Virtual Reality (VR) Goggles.

    With traditional simulation training, there is often the need for expensive equipment such as a mannequins or task trainers, as well as a large physical space and instructors/ facilitators. Because VR training does not require a fixed classroom location, time, or a facilitator, staff have the flexibility to carry out their learning when and where they need. All that is required for staff to receive training with VR technology, are the goggles, handsets, and an approximate one meter square space.

    “The purchase of the VR Googles has not only expanded our capacity to provide simulation training to staff, this equipment has allowed our hospital to become a trailblazer amongst others in Ontario,” says Chuan Yong, Director of the hospital’s Staff Development department.

    The hospital’s partnership with Health Scholars has allowed for the performance of mandatory training with Operating Room (OR) staff on how to manage fires in the OR. In the fall, the hospital expanded access to the VR Goggles to the Critical Care Unit, Emergency Department, and Maternal Child/Women’s Health nursing staff, increasing capacity to offer competency training in various high stress and complex clinical events, as VR training offers the ability to recreate a wide variety of clinical environments and tasks. As more virtual scenarios are built, Woodstock Hospital will continue to look for opportunities to extend the use of VR training to nurses and allied health professionals working in other areas of the hospital.

    “We are so grateful to donors and those who supported the purchase of this cutting-edge equipment,” says Yong. “We look forward to utilizing the VR Goggles for staff development, in support of the continued delivery of high-quality and safe patient-centered care.”

  • Thank You to RBC for their Continued Support of Staff Education

    The Foundation is grateful to have received a commitment of $10,000 per year over the next three years from Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) to support continuing education for staff. Thanks to RBC, staff in relevant departments will receive Pediatric Advanced Life Support (PALS) Training.

    “As we expand our pediatric program we need to equip our front line staff with the tools they need to care for this patient population,” says Cindy Smart, Chief Nursing Officer at Woodstock Hospital. “Utilizing the generous grant from RBC will greatly assist the ability of Woodstock Hospital to offer PALS certification for nurses working in the areas of greatest need. Frontline staff are excited and eager to receive this valuable in-class and hands on training.”

    This is the fifth consecutive year that RBC has invested in educational opportunities for the staff of Woodstock Hospital. A huge thank-you to RBC for this generous commitment!

  • A Gouda Dairy Capital Run

    On May 27 we held our first in-person Dairy Capital Run since the pandemic and what a great day we had. We could not have asked for better weather for our participants to experience our new venue, Discovery Farm Woodstock. Thanks to our participants, donors and sponsors we raised $23,000 to improve patient care at Woodstock Hospital.

    Proceeds from this year will go towards the purchase of a portable ventilator for our Cardio Respiratory Department. Ventilators help a patient breathe when breathing on their own is hard work or take over breathing function completely when a patient is unable to breathe on their own.

    Thank you to everyone who supported this year’s Dairy Capital Run!

  • Woodstock 50/50: A Chance to Win Big While Supporting Patient Care

    Much like the proceeds from other Foundation fundraisers and initiatives, the Woodstock Hospital Foundation’s monthly online 50/50 Raffle helps ensure that Woodstock Hospital can provide services to patients using modern, high quality medical equipment and technology. Proceeds from the 50/50 however, are specifically allocated for equipment needs in the hospital’s Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Department.

    The success of the 50/50 since its launch in 2020 has led to major advancements in our DI Department. We have been able to contribute towards the purchase a Mobile Fluoroscopy Camera, a General Ultrasound and a most recently we raised $850,000 to support the acquisition of a CT Scanner.

    Giving more detailed diagnostics than a conventional x-ray machine by creating 3-dimensional images of a patient’s anatomy, the CT scanner can be used to identify diseases, lesions, tumors, blood clots, or abnormalities, with the potential to inform and expedite various treatments, in hopes of preventing more serious outcomes. With the information provided from the latest CT technology, this equipment has the potential to diagnose and prevent life-threatening conditions.

    “CT technology has come a long way over the years we’ve had our current scanner,” says Jenn Deluliis, Woodstock Hospital’s Director of Diagnostic Imaging. “Though our current model is still able to perform its main function, upgrading this technology would give our talented teams in DI the most advanced imaging technology available so that they can do their jobs to their fullest potential.”

    Proceeds from our current draws are supporting the purchase of general ultrasounds.

  • A Tee-rific Golf Tournament

    We had a sold out tournament on June 14 with 192 golfers at Craigowan Golf Club. This year the tournament raised $53,000 to support the purchase of a robotic floor scrubber for our Housekeeping Department.

    Using artificial intelligence and a robotic technology platform, the scrubber will work alongside our housekeeping team to assist with efficiencies and maintain a high standard of cleaning throughout the hospital corridors. It will not replace staff but instead enhance their diligent work at ensuring we have a clean and sanitized hospital.

  • A New Neonatal Ventilator for Maternal Child

    Thank you to everyone who supported our 2022 Winter Direct Mail appeal. You helped us fully fund the purchase of a new Neonatal Ventilator for our Maternal Child Department.

    Sometimes, newborns experience difficulty breathing on their own, and in serious cases, they might not be breathing at all. In these situations, our team needs quick access to medical devices to support the infant and that includes a neonatal ventilator. This ventilator provides heated, high flow oxygen and continuous positive airway pressure to support a newborn who is having difficulty breathing, and ensures he or she is stabilized for transport to a tertiary care center to receive specialized care, when needed.

    Our Maternal Child Department was borrowing a ventilator from our Critical Care Unit, but now they have a permanent, designated neonatal ventilator right on their unit.

    Thank you again to everyone who made a donation towards the ventilator. You have helped support our tiniest patients.

  • Thank You Sutton Group Right Way

    The Woodstock Hospital Foundation is honoured to have been the charitable recipient of funds raised from the Sutton Group Right Way’s First Annual Golf Tournament for Oscar Cruz Ventura, hosted by Sutton Group Right Way Real Estate Brokerage in Woodstock. The tournament was a sold out event, held on October 1 at The Oxford Hills golf course in Mount Elgin.

    Thanks to Laurie Nicholson of Sutton Group, Oscar and Karen Cruz Ventura, as well as all the participants, the Tournament raised an incredible $25,000 to support patient care at Woodstock Hospital.

    The Foundation extends gratitude to Laurie, Oscar, and Karen for their hard work organizing the tournament and for choosing to support Woodstock Hospital. The Foundation also thanks all the golfers, sponsors, and volunteers who helped make the tournament so successful.

  • Increasing Patient Safety with RACE Teams

    The Critical Care Unit (CCU) is the area in the hospital that provides specialized care for the sickest, most vulnerable patients. But what happens if a patient from a different area of the hospital stops breathing, loses consciousness, or has a drastic decline in their condition? In moments like these, there’s no time to waste, so Woodstock Hospital brings the CCU to them.

    In February 2022, Woodstock Hospital introduced Rapid Assessment of Critical Events (RACE) Teams. A RACE Team is assigned and present on every shift at the hospital—24 hours a day, seven days a week—and consists of a designated CCU Registered Nurse and a Registered Respiratory Therapist. If a patient in the hospital begins showing signs of deterioration related to their airway, breathing, circulation, or level of consciousness, the RACE Team on duty responds right away so they can intervene.

    Because a RACE Team is always on-call, they are able to respond to a call almost immediately. Thanks to this early intervention, out of the first 20 RACE Team calls at Woodstock Hospital, 18 patients were able to be treated quickly and safely in their own rooms without needing to be transferred to the CCU.

    Through donor support, in the summer of 2022, we were able to purchase a designated Cardiac Monitor and Defibrillator to add to our RACE cart. This equipment is used to measure vital signs like blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen levels, and heart rhythms. With this technology, our RACE Team is able to respond to emergencies with a single equipment cart, increasing efficiency in the moments where every second counts. With all equipment on one cart, the RACE Team has  everything they need at their fingertips to assist in the rapid assessment and treatment of a declining patient.

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