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December 2021

March 2021


  • Increasing Patient Safety with 10 New WOWs

    In 2020, one of the essential pieces of equipment we fundraised for was 10 new Workstations on Wheels, also known as WOWs. These workstations are essential in bringing the electronic patient record system to the bedside and are used all throughout the hospital. WOWs are equipped with a monitor, keyboard, and several drawers that securely store medications and other supplies.

    Clinical staff can bring the WOW’s into patient rooms and using a health information system called Cerner, look up patient’s medical history including bloodwork, x-rays, and other useful information that may be needed to make assessments.

    One of the most important features is barcode scanning which allows nurses to match the medication orders that are then verified by the pharmacist electronically before being given to the patient. A nurse scans the patient’s wristband and scans a barcode on the medication packaging to ensure the patient receives the appropriate medication and dosage. This technology is adding a significant level of safety and enhancing the overall patient experience.

    The hours go by quickly for clinical staff, especially during busy shifts. Having technology and equipment at the bedside that helps provide personalized care and enhanced safety is very important. Thank you to everyone who supported the purchase of new WOWs in 2020.

  • New Mobile Fluoroscopy Camera Purchased with Proceeds from 50/50

    Over a year ago we launched our monthly 50/50 to raise much needed funds for new technology in our Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Department. Much like a home computer, medical technology has a lifespan before it becomes outdated and requires replacement. In our DI Department there are several pieces of equipment that are nearing the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced. Thanks to the success of the 50/50 we have been able to purchase one of the pieces on our list: a mobile fluoroscopy camera.

    The new camera came to Woodstock Hospital mid September and has been a workhorse in Diagnostic Imaging since the start of October. Previously the department had been using a mobile fluoroscopy camera purchased at the old hospital in 2006.

    The mobile fluoroscopy camera allows someone to view real-time imaging of a patient. The technology used is the same type used in airport security scanners; however, medical fluoroscopy uses higher doses of radiation for clarity of the images. You can see a heart beating, someone swallowing, or screws being placed for difficult fractures.

    A mobile fluoroscope’s value is realized in the operating room for imaging gallbladders, kidneys, hip replacements, internal fixation (plates and screws) of broken bones, and foreign body surgeries. Currently we use our new mobile fluoroscope 7-10 times per week.

    Thank you to everyone who has supported our Monthly 50/50; making it possible to purchase this vital piece of equipment. It is so important to ensure our staff have up-to-date specialized equipment they need to carry out exceptional care and services for our community.

    Our equipment needs don’t end there. Much like a home computer, medical technology has a lifespan before it becomes outdated and requires replacement. In our DI Department there are several pieces of equipment that are nearing the end of their lifespan and need to be replaced. We still need a new general radiology camera, an echocardiography ultrasound, and general ultrasound machines.

    With your support we’re getting closer to being able to purchase these vital pieces of equipment.

  • Helping More Patients with New Cystoscopes

    Proceeds from the 2020 Dairy Capital Run supported the purchase of four new cystoscopes for our Outpatient Clinic.

    Cystoscopes are used in cystoscopies to examine the lining of the bladder and urethra to diagnose and treat urinary tract problems including bladder cancer, bladder control issues, and enlarged prostates. The scopes are a long thin flexible tube that have a camera on the end. Once the tube is inserted in the bladder, the physician is able to get a view of the whole bladder.

    On average our Outpatient Clinic does 35 cystoscopies per week. In addition to this, our Operating Room uses a couple scopes each week for visualization in certain surgeries. After use, each scope is sent to our Medical Device Reprocessing Department (MDRD) to be sterilized. The turnaround time for cleaning is about two hours per scope. This lengthy cleaning time limited how many cystoscopies our Outpatient Clinic could complete in a day.

    By adding four new scopes to our fleet, the clinic is now able to accommodate more scopes in a day. It also relieves pressure on MDRD giving them a longer cleaning turnaround time. Donor support makes a huge difference to care at Woodstock Hospital. Thank you to everyone who supported our 2020 Dairy Capital Run and made it possible for us to purchase new scopes.

  • Woodstock 50/50: A Chance to Win Big While Supporting Patient Care

    The Woodstock Hospital Foundation’s monthly, online 50/50 raffle continues to gain momentum, and rightly so! The 50/50 gives everyone who buys tickets a chance to win big, while also supporting the hospital. It’s what you would call a win, win scenario!

    With the onset of COVID-19, Foundation staff and the Board knew that they needed to adapt some of their fundraising initiatives for the hospital. With events postponed or cancelled due to COVID-19, the idea for an online 50/50 raffle arose, with the first raffle happening in November 2020.

    Since then, each raffle continues to be a success, with excitement for the growing jackpot felt both in our hospital and throughout the community. Your support of the Foundation’s 50/50 raffle is important for so many reasons. With highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art equipment, Woodstock Hospital can offer patients the opportunity to receive care and treatment close to home.

    Because hospital equipment only has a certain lifespan, we need to have the funds available when the time comes for the equipment to be replaced or when it is eclipsed by new technology. That is where the Woodstock Hospital Foundation comes in! Proceeds from the Foundation’s fundraising initiatives help fund equipment that is used throughout the hospital.

    That is why it is very exciting to watch the jackpot grow each month and to announce new winners. Not only can this money make a difference in the lives of those that win the jackpot, but it also is enhancing the lives of our patients.

    As an example, some of the proceeds from the Foundation’s 50/50 raffle will support equipment that needs to be replaced in the Diagnostic Imaging (DI) Department. This includes a general radiology camera and mobile fluoroscopy camera.

    The new general radiology camera will replace a camera purchased at our old hospital site in 2005, while the new mobile fluoroscopy camera will replace a camera purchased in 2006. The mobile fluoroscopy camera helps physicians, predominantly in the Operating Room, visualize live-time urology and orthopedic exams.

    “Both of our new cameras will become the workhorses of our department,” said Brad Gates, Manager of Diagnostic Imaging at Woodstock Hospital. “The basic function of the cameras has not changed but the new bells and whistles are always exciting to see. It’s similar to comparing the differences between a vehicle from 2005/2006 and one that is built today.”

    In 2019/2020, the DI Department at Woodstock Hospital completed 69,388 Diagnostic Imaging Exams. Your support of the Foundation’s fundraising initiatives ensures that departments, like DI, have the specialized equipment they need to carry out exceptional care and services for the community.

    If you would like to purchase tickets for this month’s 50/50 raffle, visit There, you can also sign up to keep up-to-date on all of the Foundation’s 50/50 raffles. The grand prize draw is taking place March 31, 2021 at 10:00 am.

  • Fundraising for New Automated Dispensing Cabinets

    Hi, my name is Fatima and I am the Director of Pharmacy at Woodstock Hospital.

    I started at Woodstock Hospital in 2011, which was the year we closed the doors at our old facility and made the move to our current location on Juliana Drive.

    Even though it has been ten years since we have been in the new hospital, there is still a particular technology in use here today that was used in the old hospital. This equipment helps us manage medication distribution and affects almost every patient in our hospital. This equipment is our Automated Medication Dispensing Cabinets (AMDC).

    AMDCs are secure and computerized cabinets that store medications on the nursing units so that nurses, anesthetists, midwives and respiratory therapists have ready access to medications when patients need them. There are many safety features in these AMDCs. Medications cannot be removed from the AMDC until all the proper checks have been performed by a pharmacist to make sure that the medication is right for the patient. The AMDC also allows nurses to find medications in other cabinets throughout the hospital which saves time and unnecessary phone calls. There are many different cabinet styles available that will allow us to select the best cabinet design for each clinical area.

    AMDCs also track drug distribution and notify Pharmacy staff, like me, when different supplies need restocking so that our patients can receive the medication they need when they need it. Replacing the outdated AMDCs in our hospital would make sure nurses have quick access to the medications they need to treat our patients, increase pharmacy’s efficiency to manage medication and track information like expiring or recalled medications. All of these features contribute to exceptional patient care that we provide.

    In a hospital, especially in Pharmacy, we can’t afford to waste time or make mistakes. To ensure medication distribution in our hospital is as quick and as safe as possible, we need to purchase 33 new AMDCs. To do this, we need our community’s help. The cost to replace our AMDC’s is $1.4 million.

    I want to thank you for your support as we planned, built, and moved to our new hospital in 2011 and for your unwavering support every day since. We couldn’t do what we do, without you.

    Fatima Vieira-Cabral
    Director of Pharmacy

  • Chair Report: March 2021

    Reflecting on this past year, I feel a deep sense of pride. I am proud of our healthcare workers that continue to deliver exceptional patient care in the face of a public health crisis, and I am proud to be part of a community that continues to support our hospital during these challenging times.

    As our Operating Statement indicates, we had another successful fiscal year January 1, 2020 – December 31, 2020. Bequests, donations and our fundraising initiatives amounted to approximately $1.26 million in revenue. Whether it is a monthly donation or a legacy gift, your first time donating or an annual contribution in memory of a loved one, we are humbled that individuals and businesses continue to make meaningful donations to the Foundation.

    In November 2020, the Woodstock Hospital Foundation launched a new and exciting fundraising initiative. The online 50/50 raffle is a great opportunity for our community to support our hospital while also having fun, with a chance of winning a substantial jackpot. I would like to acknowledge our creative Foundation staff, who found another way to raise funds for our hospital, in place of larger events that had to be altered or cancelled due to the pandemic.

    The Dairy Capital Run is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! The run will be a virtual format once again, with participants invited to complete their race on any trail they want from May 30 to June 30. Just like last year, everyone who registers for the run will be entered to win some great prizes and participate in different challenges.

    I am also excited to announce the return of the Foundation’s Annual Charity Golf Tournament. The Foundation and Golf Tournament Committee has been working with Craigowan Golf Club to ensure a fun, safe event that follows public health guidelines. New this year, instead of a formal dinner, golfers will get to enjoy some delicious food at different stations throughout the golf course. We look forward to some friendly competition and a lot of fun on June 16, 2021.

    I would like acknowledge and thank the Foundation Board members for their continued involvement in raising funds for our hospital. A special thank you to Lisa Ross who is completing three years on the Board, and Ann Ash for serving nine years on the Board.

    I conclude by thanking our generous community for supporting the Woodstock Hospital Foundation. You are helping to ensure that we have the funds available to purchase new equipment and technology for our hospital. By updating our equipment, we can ensure that patients in Oxford County are receiving high quality healthcare services and programs, close to home.

    Thank you.

  • Our Staff Give Back Through Payroll Deductions

    The first week of March is always our We Care Campaign, Woodstock Hospital’s own staff giving campaign, designed to encourage WH staff members to give a minimum of $5 off each pay cheque for a year.

    Every day staff work with equipment that improves patient care at Woodstock Hospital. They see firsthand how important it is to have up-to-date technology and the difference it makes. This has encouraged a number of staff members to go above and beyond their everyday job and make an even bigger impact by signing up for payroll deductions.

    We are proud to say this year staff members pledged to donate $19,630 a big increase from the previous year. All proceeds raised through the campaign stay at Woodstock Hospital support the purchase of new or upgraded equipment.

    Each pay cheque, staff members at Woodstock Hospital are choosing to make a small contribution to ensure better health care, through the funding of modern equipment, for yourself, your family, your friends, and your neighbours.

  • Our New Nuclear Medicine Camera, Flash

    Remember me? I’m Flash, the nuclear medicine camera! I wrote to you two years ago, asking for your help. My dream was to come to Woodstock Hospital so that I could help patients with my special photo taking skills. And guess what? We did it! Thanks to your generous donations, I have arrived at my new home in the Diagnostic Imaging Department.

    You might be thinking, “Two years ago? I don’t even remember what I was doing two days ago!” So let me reintroduce myself. As a nuclear medicine camera, my job is to take pictures of tissues, bones and organs. Patients are administered low doses of radioactive materials that are attracted to specific areas of the body. These materials emit gamma rays that can be detected by me, the camera, and turned into images that give radiologists information about the body, especially about the function of an organ.

    Because the exams are highly sensitive, I can detect diseases in their earliest stages. One day, I might be detecting a blood clot in a patient’s lungs. The next day, I could be doing a thyroid scan. I am very busy and like to think of myself as quite the important piece of technology.

    I’m glad you thought so too and decided to donate! Because of your donations, I arrived at Woodstock Hospital and began helping patients on September 21, 2020. I don’t like to brag, but I think staff are very happy I’m here! For one thing, I have the ability to do scans faster which enhances patient comfort. I also have a larger scanning field, so there is no need to move a patient mid-scan. Staff also love that I have more automated capabilities than the older camera.

    Your support of the Woodstock Hospital Foundation is so important. Let me explain why.

    Imaging systems, much like home computers, see technology change rapidly. In many cases, new equipment (like me!) and technology, allow staff to do things faster with fewer complications. The newer technology may also allow staff to see things on scans that was not as easy to see user older systems and machinery.

    On behalf of the Woodstock Hospital Foundation, I say thank you! Together, we are improving countless lives by providing the latest in healthcare technology for excellent patient care close to home in Oxford County.

    Woodstock Hospital’s NEW Nuclear Medicine Camera

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